Peanut Butter Cup Blondies

Peanut Butter Cup Blondies

peanut butter cup blondie dessert recipe

I bet you thought I was kidding when I told you how much I love that sticky, gooey beautiful thing we call peanut butter!  I have had the best time trying new peanut butter recipes and celebrating the old familiar ones.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is my favorite sandwich, by the way. 😉

peanut butter cup dessert recipe

I found these Peanut Butter Cup Blondies and I just couldn’t resist making them. I sorta have a thing for peanut butter cups.

“Mom, do we have the ingredients to make that?”  is what I heard from Tay when we saw this. That’s a tell tale sign that she is interested.

peanut butter cup blondies 2

We didn’t trick-or-treat on our own neighborhood so I didn’t stock up on candy as much as most people did.  I happened to buy one bag of peanut butter cups.  What a shame- I had to find something to do with them!  We didn’t have one single trick-or-treater. :)  So I had to be a martyr and find a delicious use for my favorite candy.  The fact that it’s Peanut Butter Lover’s Month is merely a bonus.

peanut butter cup blondies 3

These blondies are so meltable, moist sweet and perfect.  Soft and chewy, these blondies are sweet and the peanut butter cups give it just the right peanut butter flavor.  

Now marvel at my self control when I tell you that I only ate one blondie.  Just one.  I didn’t lick the spatula, I didn’t bite one of the peanut butter cups and I didn’t even bite them as they came out of the oven.  I’m even impressed at my own willpower!  What’s happening to me?!?

With Thanksgiving coming up you may want to save these for your dessert menu. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with people you truly want to spend time with.  I’m going to get sappy for a second and tell you that I am so thankful that you took time out of your day to read my blog.  

I am endlessly thankful that both of my parents are healthy after the year we’ve had and with us to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Although we won’t all be together on the actual day, I love my family more than I love cinnamon rolls.  Way more.

Would you like to make peanut butter cup blondies? Click here for the recipe.

Disclaimer: The original recipe I made was from a website that is no longer active. This blondie recipe is very close. With the blondies that you see above, I used full sized peanut butter cups and broke them into smaller pieces by hand. I pressed pieces into the dough and baked them, Five minutes before I pulled them out of the oven, I pressed more chunks of peanut butter cups on top. Then baked for five more minutes. Total baking time for me and my own oven was about 25 minutes because I did not bake until fully set. I like my blondies chewy. This recipe has peanut butter in the batter.

In my quest to find a similar recipe, I also found this one here that we really enjoyed that does not have peanut butter in the batter, but we still had chunks of peanut butter cups in each bite.

  1. I had to laugh when I read your post as I’ve just put up one about not liking peanut butter! But my boyfriend does so I try and collect recipes like this one above of yours to make for when I need brownie points.

    I think you have a wonderful attitude about blogging. For the hours and efforts it takes those who are looking for quick fame are going to get tired very quickly! That’s just not what it’s about. Can’t wait to read more :)

  2. RavieNomNomsRavieNomNoms11-23-2011

    Oh my word!!! Dionne! These are amazing….I am SUCH a peanut butter freak and you have me drooling over these at 8:20am!! hahaha…soooo yummy! You had me at “soft and chewy” 😀

  3. sarasara11-23-2011

    Wow, these look SO good! I love peanut butter cups, and I am definitely a peanut butter lover. :)

  4. Loving your peanut butter recipes lately! I’m pretty sure the only thing better than peanut butter is peanut butter and chocolate :) These look delicious!

  5. Kiri W.Kiri W.11-23-2011

    Wow, these look amazing! I’ve actually never had blondies, but these look fantastic :)

  6. Cucina49Cucina4911-23-2011

    I have an absurd love for blondies, but most recipes are too dense and chewy. Yours look exactly like I like them–moist and brown sugar-y.

  7. I think I might have mention on your previous post I love Peanut butter in sweet treats, but when we’re talking peanut butter and chocolate cups, well, that’s a whole new story. I’m addictive to these bite size cups!

  8. thejoyofcakingthejoyofcaking11-23-2011

    I’ve just got to make these soon! The look like melt in your mouth goodness. Lindsey does create some pretty yummy recipes that keep me drooling. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. JayJay11-23-2011

    wow…sounds scrumptiously tasty..
    first time your space..
    very interesting posts with excellent clicks..
    happy following you..;)
    do stop by mine sometime..

  10. Kay aka BabygirlKay aka Babygirl11-23-2011

    You know I’m a Peanut Butter Cup lover.. so guess what? I’m making this.. Hands down lol. Happy Thanksgiving girl

  11. Chef DennisChef Dennis11-24-2011


    first let me tell you your images look like they should be in a magazine! Just gorgeous!
    And Lindseys Blondies look to die for! You did an excellent job re creating those beauties!
    Here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

  12. Wow! These blondies look incredible, in fact I don’t think I could be trusted to be left alone with them. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. LizLiz11-24-2011

    Lindsey is the best inspiration for decadent goodies! LOVE these bars with the big chunks of pb cups! And I admire your will power~ Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving~

  14. balvinderbalvinder11-25-2011

    I don’t have a sweet tooth but when I see such irresistible bite size blondies how can I say I control myself. Lidsey’s blondies look great and you have pictured so beautifully that anybody can be tempted. Thanks for visiting my blog. I try to post recipes those are not only gluten free but also healthy . It was my pleasure visiting and reading some of your posts and will keep coming back.

  15. magicofspicemagicofspice11-30-2011

    These blondies do look delightful and you did a wonderful job recreating them Dionne…
    I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving

  16. Brandon MassengaleBrandon Massengale11-14-2012

    The peanut butter that i always buy have some additional nuts in it and they taste great.

  17. Marilynn Kennett-phegleyMarilynn Kennett-phegley11-08-2013

    I would like to get the recipe bfor peanut butter cup blondies

  18. Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin11-08-2013

    Hi Marilynn! There is a link for the recipe at the end of the post. Thank you for stopping by!

  19. Lisa Mathis GullicksonLisa Mathis Gullickson11-09-2013

    Hi. I can't find the recipe and I REALLY really want it!! How do I find it??

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin11-09-2013

      Hi Lisa! There are recipe links at the end of the blog post. :) I don’t blame you! I just made some again tonight.

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