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October Recap – Fall Recipes [video]

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Links to recipes featured in the video are listed below in no particular order:

You can find the link for
Lora from Cake Duchess Vegan Brownie Recipe here.

You can find the link for
Raven from Ravie Nom Noms Apple Bread Recipe here.

You can find the link for
Suzi from Cookings Good Garbanzo Bean Meatless Meatballs here.

You can find the link for
Ethan from Tastes Better with Friends Pumpkin S’Mores Recipe here.

You can find the recipe
Turkey Burger Sliders & Homemade Buns here.

You can find the recipe for
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds here.

I want to wish all of my friends that are attending the Foodbuzz Festival this weekend a safe trip and happy socializing!  I wish I could be there with you. :(

  1. RavieNomNomsRavieNomNoms11-04-2011

    Thanks so much for trying out my recipe and then featuring it in your video! You are a sweetie! Have a great weekend Dionne!

  2. Lisa LLisa L11-06-2011

    Ravens apple bread looks fluffy and moist. I wonder if I could make that and have it turn out good? :) I love what you did for the hunger strike thats a creative and compassionate way to make people aware.

  3. Sweet Tooth DivaSweet Tooth Diva11-06-2011

    What fun music! I got that tune stuck in my head now hahaha. Thank you for sharing!

  4. LizLiz11-07-2011

    What a fun video! Lots of great posts to visit now.

    PS. I’ve already warned my hubby that I’m going to the Foodbuzz Festival next year :)

  5. Tina@flourtraderTina@flourtrader11-07-2011

    Love the video recap, now I need to go back and get some of these delicious recipes off your blog-yum!
    I have yet to go to the festival but hopefully next year time will permit.

  6. Elizabeth TwillElizabeth Twill11-07-2011

    Vegan brownies? I’ve never had vegan brownies but I wonder how those taste. I guess it’s not incredibly hard to substitute ingredients but making it turn out well is a challenge. You did well and I’ll have to visit Cake Duchess so I can make the recipe.

  7. Jeff G.Jeff G.11-07-2011

    Pumpkin smores look like something I could make! Nice video!

  8. Love the video. Nice way to sum up the month of posts. Might have to be taking that apple bread to Thanksgiving!

  9. Roxana GreenGirlRoxana GreenGirl11-07-2011

    It took me a while to leave a comment although I have been reading your posts. I admire you for the organization. Such a wonderful cause. I hope your voice is heard and there will be no hungry nights from now on.
    The round up looks delicious, can’t wait to try those chickpeas balls!

  10. magicofspicemagicofspice11-07-2011

    What a fun recap…loved the video presentation and all of the goodies of course :)

  11. Tammy B.Tammy B.11-07-2011

    Will you bee doing videos more? I would like to learn more bread recipes I hope you keep giving lessons on video! Great work!

  12. Kay aka BabygirlKay aka Babygirl11-08-2011

    I love the recap.. because it reminded me about those vegan brownies. Yes you know I can’t stop chocolate from creeping into my brain lol

  13. tiffanytiffany11-08-2011

    I wish I could have been there too :( … oh, and thanks for reminding me of those pumpkin seeds! 😀

  14. I love this round up of fall recipes and the video format is so fun! PS: I have a holiday giveaway going on right now!

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