Kid Friendly Foods

Kid Friendly Foods

Today I have Tay joining in for a little chat about her favorite kid friendly foods and favorite recipes. She has been cooking and baking since she was 2 years old, even if it was just a helping me a little at first. At the bottom of this post are a few recipes that she recommends as kid friendly.

First Time Baking

Tay getting ready to bake for the very first time!

We had fun that first day. Brownies out of a box was the very first thing that we made together and we loved every minute of it!

Making Dessert

Getting ready to make dessert all by herself.

I’ll never forget how proud she was to make dessert for everyone all by herself. It was something very simple but she had made it with love.

Making Cookies

Cookies always did make her smile.

She loved these cookies because she put a bunch of different goodies in here! Including fishy crackers.

As I look at these photos I can see how much she has grown and how much we have learned as a family. We know how to make a lot more foods from scratch and we spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, but we do a lot of cooking together. And we enjoy what we make as a family.

Here are a few recipes that Tay recommends for kids:

  1. Lucy Ann Loeber LowryLucy Ann Loeber Lowry04-22-2014

    Good job ladies!

  2. You know I love me some Tay. This is fabulous.

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