Cranberry Pistachio Yogurt Parfaits

Cranberry Pistachio Yogurt Parfait

Cranberry Pistachio Yogurt Parfaits

Such a simple concept, but one that is often overlooked. At least for me it was.

My first job in the retail side of the coffee industry was over 13 years ago.  We mostly served raspberry donut twists, lemon bars and muffins with the occasional sandwich but there were not very many healthy options.

Much to our dismay we started serving yogurt and granola parfaits. They were a pain in the neck to prepare because we had to be extremely neat and tidy about it so that the layers of yogurts made a striking impression on the consumer. Darn see through plastic cups!

Looking at the parfaits, I really did underestimate them in the beginning. White and pink layers of yogurt alternated with golden brown oats and nuts to make a very tempting breakfast.

The rest is history. The store did make some money from staff members (like myself) buying one almost every morning. Thank goodness for the employee discount!

Greek Yogurt

I’ve grown to love Greek yogurt. Yogurt has always been a more floppy consistency similar to a pudding, but with less ability to hold shape in a spoon. Over time I learned to love the smooth, more solid version of yogurt. Even the plain Greek yo was pleasant and could be quite addicting when drizzled with honey.

I love to bake with it, cook with it and eat it in place of ice cream when I am feeling overcome with willpower for better eating choices. Plain is not my favorite flavor but it is the one that we use most here at our house. I cannot resist the honey flavor and even though I could very well mix it in myself, it tastes better when the yogurt makers do it. :)

What is your favorite flavor of Greek yogurt?


Cranberry Pistachio Yogurt Parfait


I’d love to hear how you make yogurt and granola parfaits! Do you use plain or flavored yogurt?


Cranberry Pistachio Yogurt Parfaits
A simple breakfast that is often overlooked. Plain Greek yogurt (or any flavor that you like) along with a batch of homemade granola is a quick, healthy morning meal to start the day of right! Use as much or as little as you like. Serve for guests over the holiday season or drizzle with chocolate for dessert!
Recipe type: Breakfast, Brunch

  • plain Greek yogurt, or your favorite flavored Greek yogurt
  • homemade granola
  • pistachios
  • dried cranberries

  1. Using clear glasses for a striking presentation, layer Greek yogurt with granola.
  2. Sprinkle pistachios and dried cranberries before adding another layer of yogurt and granola.
  3. Repeat until glass is full.
  4. Dollop with Greek yo and dried cranberries for a garnish.



  1. Oh heavens, I love this. Parfaits make me happy anyhow, but this looks especially fantastic, especially with your granola.

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin12-07-2013

      Why thank you Christiane! :) The word “parfait” reminds me of the chocolate fudge parfait with peanuts that my dad used to have with me. The word still makes me happy even with out the fudge and ice cream!

  2. LizLiz12-07-2013

    I hear ya on the layering…I haven’t quite mastered that myself! These parfaits look like a fabulous way to start the day…and so pretty!

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin12-07-2013

      Thank you Liz! I am considering my options for this next time. Pipe the yogurt or delegate! 😀

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