Chocolate Chip Cookies that are worth waiting for.

Say what you want, these are amazing…good enough to break a diet! 😉  I know what I like and I know a good cookie when I eat one especially a chocolate chip cookie!  These are quite possibly the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my life.  I have some commitment issues when it comes to food and choosing favorite foods but I am 100% certain that chocolate chip cookies are my all time favorite cookie.

I saw a re-tweet of a post shared by Jessica @ The Novice Chef and she raved about these chocolate chip cookies so I just had to try them.  I wasn’t planning to argue her point by any means, no sir.  It would be like someone saying, “Nutella is so good!” and arguing that it can’t be that good.  No way, you’d go and get the largest jar you can find.  It’s all about sharing the bliss and that’s how I felt about these gems.

The flavor of these cookies is similar to that of my go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies.  The contrast of the cookie dough which is slightly sweet with a hint of saltiness and the semi-sweet chocolate is dangerously addicting.  I tasted the dough right after it was done mixing and it tasted just like my usual recipe.  I obediently placed my precious cookie dough in the fridge and tucked it in for the night.  After a night in the fridge the flavor seemed to have become slightly richer overnight.  I’m not exaggerating, I have a palate that is highly trained in cookie tasting.  It was as if the dough was more “seasoned”.  I’ve left my regular cookie dough in the fridge overnight and it pretty much tastes the same, so I don’t know what happened I just know that it happened.

I didn’t modify this recipe at all.  After all, if I am doing a test I wouldn’t really know how good this recipe is if I changed it to what I thought was best at the time.  One good thing about exactly following a recipe that you find is that you can come as close as possible to experiencing what the other person is talking about.  It’s the closest thing to someone making it for me and handing me a nice warm cookie fresh out of the oven!  Please don’t shake your head at these unless you make them and follow this recipe. 😉  If you don’t like them send them to me!!!

Taylor asked me if I knew what “willpower” meant.  I’m assuming she learned about it in school.  I told her the definition and she gave me an example while I mumbled about not having any self control of my own.  She jumped to my defense.

“Well, mom you didn’t eat all the chocolate chip cookies did you?  But you wanted to.  That is self control!  Good job mom!”

You’d think I just won the Nobel Prize the way she smiled at me.  Yes, I suppose that is self control.

I did reserve some of the batter make one small change.  I have a dear friend of mine who is allergic to chocolate.  She can’t really appreciate the chocolatey treats I make and share here on my blog in fact I bet the very sight isn’t really appealing to her.  So Chizu, I made cookies in honor of you.  These white chocolate cookies were pretty darn good as well I promise you, and these are worth the wait as well.  So I can personally vouch that this recipe can be modified, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If I weren’t allergic to milk I’d dive headfirst into a glass with a cookie in each hand and come out only to get another cookie!  Maybe I’ll have to substitute milk for a juicy sangria.  Any suggestions?

Thank you to Jessica for sharing this cookie recipe!

If you would like the recipe please click here.

  1. MonetMonet03-01-2011

    Oh my…I want one of those cookies! I have a go-to favorite, and I always like to refrigerate mine for at least 30 minutes before baking. Overnight is an interesting idea (but I don’t know if I could wait that long!) Thanks for sharing, sweet woman. I hope you have a great Wednesday. Happy Hump Day!

  2. flippingtablesflippingtables03-01-2011

    my wife calls me cookie monster…i will try any cookie recipe out there. thanks!

  3. tiffanytiffany03-02-2011

    I have ZERO willpower when it comes to chocolate chip cookies! Mmmmmmmm :)

  4. kathdedonkathdedon03-02-2011

    “Good job, Mom”, indeed! :)

    This is the cookie that is #1 on my list when I feel like indulging sometime. I love the photos of yours!

  5. RavieNomNomsRavieNomNoms03-02-2011

    I will definitely had to try this after all that good feedback you gave! I am such a sucker for a good chocolate chip cookie hehe

  6. BabygirlBabygirl03-02-2011

    I think you will ruin my exercise routine and eating healthy to try these lmao. I will just have to let my mom make them and I sneak one lol. These look delish Dionne. Oh and did I tell you, I think it’s about time you go on my “Fav Blog List”. :)

  7. JessicaJessica03-02-2011

    Girl! The fact that you were able to wait to make these cookies and not eat all the batter first shows extreme will power!
    …and I should know since I ate half of the dough before it was time to actually make the cookies! 😉

    By the way, so glad you agree! They truly are the best!

  8. gingerbreadbagelsgingerbreadbagels03-02-2011

    Oh those look so good. I would have a hard time not eating the dough while it was sitting in the refrigerator overnight! Cookie dough is my weakness. And not eating all of the cookies would be difficult too, haha! How sweet that you made cookies with white chocolate chips for your friend. I’d glady take a dozen of each kind please! 😉

  9. boogie.boogie.03-02-2011

    I, too, have a go-to chocolate chip recipe. I must give these a try ’cause I know you have one refined sweet tooth! now, the waiting in the fridge overnight can be good. cause you can eat half the dough while its chilling & you have the rest of the dough to bake & it won’t bake as much; causing you to not eat so many. it’s a scientific fact that calories don’t count if they’re not baked yet!!!! …right?

  10. Yannick GaraudYannick Garaud03-02-2011

    If there was a favorite cookie to pick for me, it would definitely be chocolate chip cookies … and those damn thin mints cookies, i hate the girls scouts for that… Anyways, coming back to those, they tasted amazing! even Chizu’s sorry ;). Thank you for the cookies!

  11. HeatherHeather03-03-2011

    It is so ironic you posted these, I just made a gluten-free version provided by Shauna (Gluten-free girl and the chef). They were incredible! Same ingredient profile, but using sorghum, amaranth, and tapioca flours. The refrigeration seems to allow moisture to be soaked up, and the results are certainly worth the wait :)

  12. CakewhizCakewhiz03-03-2011

    Oh wow! These look fabulous. I love chcocolate chip cookies and i can never just stop at one and these look to die for.
    Btw, i really like your black and white napkins :)

  13. thejoyofcakingthejoyofcaking03-03-2011

    Yummy! There is nothing better than chocolate chip cookies to dunk in a big glass of milk. I’m sorry your allergic :( I also dunk in coffee too!

  14. I get tired of the cookie recipe on the back of the choc chip bag and wander around to find better variatioins. Looks like we’ll be trying this one next. I think choc. chip cookies and a lovely bourbon cocktail are great together :>

  15. Oh, Dionne… these look absolutely awesome :-) Gotta love that man, Jacques Torres! Reading and looking at these is reminding me that I’ve got to share my Triple Chocolate Cookies with all y’all! In the meantime, I’ll just drool over yours to avoid finding something sweet to eat in the house. Hooray for WILLPOWER!!!

  16. Kim- Liv LifeKim- Liv Life03-04-2011

    MMMM!!! MMMM!! MMMMMM!! I love a good chocolate chip cookie, but I have to admit, that I really don’t make good ones. I’ve kind of given up, but with a review like this I think I must try again. The family will be happy!!

  17. Magic of SpiceMagic of Spice03-04-2011

    They certainly do look delicious. Nice that you tried from the original recipe to make your judgment. Your review makes them worth a try :)

  18. these are my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe now too.. they are absolutely incredible. i always make a double batch & freeze the extra dough in single cookie portions- don’t forget the salt on top! they bake straight from the freezer and turn out just like cookies from fresh dough

  19. KitaKita03-06-2011

    I love me some chocolate chip cookies. I don’t know why but I only tend to make them around the holidays, as though its the only time of year they are appropriate. I need to realize cookies are an all year long snack and make them more often. These look delicious. :)

  20. kenneth knightkenneth knight03-06-2011

    so where is the recipe at?

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin03-06-2011

      If you click on Jessica @ The Novice Chef that link takes you there. Also the next to last line there is a link where I thank Jessica for sharing the recipe. I added one more link at the bottom for clarification so you can easily find it. :) Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy these cookies!

  21. briarrosebriarrose03-07-2011

    It is hard to resist have seconds and thirds of such yummy treats. 😉 The cookies look amazing.

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