chicken and cauliflower with asian inspired peanut sauce

Asian Inspired Chicken with Peanut Sauce

Leftover Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Asian inspired chicken with peanut sauce is worth bragging (or blogging) about. It even has an ingredient that you might not expect... |  #chicken #peanutsauce #leftovercandyrecipe

You know how much I love my sisters. They were my first little girls and I will do anything they need without hesitation. But when my baby sister gave me an e n t i r e bag of peanut butter cups for our trick or treat party I was not pleased. Well- I was but at the same time I wasn’t. I like my jean size and I like my new jeans. I don’t want to have to go out and buy all new ones. :( So I had to find something to do with this leftover Halloween candy.

I’ll never get sick of eating them by themselves and I adore them in cookies (right Karlis?) but I wanted to be a little more creative than I usually am.

There you have it! Peanut butter cups in a sauce! I should call it peanut butter cup inspired Asian peanut sauce. Perfectly balanced. The soy sauce added the Asian inspiration and the vinegar balanced the sweetness. It did need more sweetness to stand up to the soy sauce and vinegar so I added the brown sugar. A little ground ginger and pepper and this dark, richly smooth sauce is a dream. Yannick likes it and he refuses to eat peanut butter. 😉

Asian inspired chicken with peanut sauce is worth bragging (or blogging) about. It even has an ingredient that you might not expect... |  #chicken #peanutsauce #leftovercandyrecipe

If you want to be creative and try this sauce, prepare your rice and chicken. Roast, steam or serve the cauliflower raw. Substitute chicken for veggies if you want.

For the sauce simmer soy sauce, vinegar and chopped peanut butter cups in a small put on medium heat. Add onion powder, ground ginger and fresh ground pepper. I added about 1 cup of soy sauce, 1/2-3/4 cup white vinegar and 6 or 7 regular sized peanut butter cups chopped. After I simmered this for awhile I added some brown sugar- about 1/2 cup. Then I simmered more. Keep an eye on it you don’t want a rolling boil. Stir and taste. If you taste too much soy sauce or vinegar add sugar or honey to balance. Make sure you can actually taste the chocolate and peanut or there is no point in creating this incredible sauce!

Sauce Made with Peanut Butter Cups

This was the best Asian peanut sauce I have ever made. Period. I will be making this again, but not often because I am not a huge fan of those processed candies but they are so good. I love how smooth it turned out and I was able to balance all of the flavors! YAY!

Over the chicken and cauliflower the sauce was ideal. The chicken was seasoned of course with salt, pepper and garlic. The cauliflower was lightly browned with salt, pepper and onion powder. The rice was great for carrying the sauce from A to B. This was a definite success.

What sort of things will you do with your leftover candy? Big time points if you make something savory with Smarties! The only rule is I have to be able to taste the Smarties when I remake and blog about your inspiration. :)


  1. RavieNomNomsRavieNomNoms11-07-2012

    WOW! This looks sensational!

  2. frugalfeedingfrugalfeeding11-07-2012

    That looks simply delectable 😀

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin11-07-2012

      Thank you! It actually was quite good. A smooth sauce with the right balance of sweet, salty and acidity.

  3. MichelleMichelle11-07-2012

    Chicken and vegetables with candy. Brilliant!

  4. Progo InvestProgo Invest11-15-2012

    Like this…………

  5. KarlisKarlis03-31-2013

    When are you coming to visit so you can cook this for me!? :(

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin04-01-2013

      I’m on my way! Do you have peanut butter cups or shall I stop at the store? 😀

  6. BrooksBrooks04-10-2013

    Dionne! This is serious brilliance. I saw the post on G+ and clicked right over. Not only is the dish spot on, but beautifully presented. For what it’s worth, I suspect everyone’s jeans are a tad snug following Easter.

    • Dionne BaldwinDionne Baldwin04-10-2013

      Thank you Brooks! I am very flattered. I’m glad I had such an odd idea to try this because it was delicious. My other half even enjoyed it and he really dislikes peanut butter. :)

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